Thursday, 5 May 2011

My thoughts on the referendum . . . .

If I was in a beauty contest & I was a dead cert sure bet  to win & I'd starved myself for weeks, been primped, poked & prodded, moisturised, lotioned, potioned, toned, tanned & teased to within an inch of my life in preparation for it and I found out at the last minute I was beaten by some moose with a moustache & calves like a shot putter I'd be furious - how could this happen? Well, the pageant is using a new voting system where your 2nd & 3rd choices count. Some of the judges thought it may be fun to put hefty the cow as 2nd choice, some of the other judges are getting on in years, visually impaired and thought she was a stunner, others just didn't give their 2nd & 3rd choices much thought and ticked any old box (literally) so she gets in, takes the crown, sash & flowers & all I'm left with is an eating disorder and some false eye lashes. Which is why, for the sake of beauty, I'm voting no in the referendum.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Time to panic, not picnic.

here goes my first foray into blogging - as you can tell, (by the look of it, not the content) it's a naive, clumsy, unsophisticated leap into the unknown - which for someone nearing 40 is not a bad thing. It's good to still feel naive, unsophisticated & clumsy at my age.
Some background about me? I'm forty by the end of May, I've had an amazing career followed by a dead end job, I've had a few relationships, only one that really counts, I've had some wonderful adventures all over the world,I've been published a couple of times, I named a fragrance for an American preppy company that earned them $190 million  ( and still selling ) I've had some non evasive surgery and I've been arrested . . . .twice.
Looking at the above it looks like I haven't achieved much . . .which is why three months ago I left my partner after three years and two months ago I left my job. I've started to think that if you're not changing things then you're not really living. Reinvention is fine at 20, makes perfect sense at 30, is risky at 35 and most probably insane, irresponsible and unlikely at 40 but here goes . . .